Services And Support

In order to fully satisfy the Clients’ requests, the company Neptune offers two services of fundamental importance:

  • pre-sales consultancy
  • the after-sales service

The pre-sales consultancy puts Neptune’s Industry experience at the customers disposal: each single project is elaborated in accordance with requirements and limits of the clients. This means a highly qualified consultancy with regard to technological development and a guarantee for serious and professional performance.

The after-sales service represents the long-term guarantee for the investment of the customers has made by purchasing a Neptune machine or plant. We not only provide original spare parts on demand, but also an on-call service to ensure a prompt arrangement of the service team

What We Offer

Sanitary Ware Division

  • Turnkey Project For Sanitary Wares
  • (200 Thousand Pcs To 1 Million Pcs / Year)
  • Turnkey Project For Table Ware / Bone China /
    (2-10 Tons / Day)
  • Slip / Glaze Preparation Plant.
  • Presure Casting And Battery Casting Plant.
  • De-airing Pug Mills For Table Ware / Crockery
  • Plaster Slurry Preparation Plant
  • Auto Glazing & Inspection Equipments
  • Advanced Quality Control & Testing Equipments
  • Clay Washing Plant For Keolin & Ball Clays

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Refractory & Technical Ceramics

  • Raw Material Batching,Weighing & Handling System
  • Continues Ball Mill / Grinding Millis
  • Intensive Mixers / Ribbon Mixers / Sigma Mixers
  • Noduliser
  • Hydrulic Press Up To 2000 Tons
  • Tap Hole Mass Manufacturing Plant.
  • Castable Manufacturing Plant.
  • Shaped Refractory Handling & Automation System

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Insulator & Heavy Clay Automation

  • Turnkey Project For Hollow & Solid Insulator Capacity 1000 Tons 40000 Tons /Years
  • De-airing Pug Mills & Vacuum Extruder 50-910 MM
  • CNC Turning & Boring Machines
  • CNC Cutting & Grinding Machine
  • Solid Core Insulator Cutting Machine
  • Advanced Quality Control & Testing Equipments

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Fly Ash Technology

  • Fly Ash Bricks / Concrete blocks / Pavers
  • Aerated Autoclaved (AAC) Blocks
  • Bulk Material Handling Systems
  • Heavy Clay / Red Bricks / Blocks

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Mould Solution Division ( MSD )

  • Modelling for New Product Devlopment
  • Mother Mould
  • Block & Case Moulds
  • Rasin & Plaster Moulds
  • Consultancy Services

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Heavy Clay Division

  • Complete Plant With Italian Technology
  • Joint Venture With Alpina-Italy
  • Turnkey Project For Red Clay Bricks 10-100 Millions / Year.
  • De-airing Extruder with
  • Consultancy Services

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