(A) Slip preparation (Whole Division):

  • Designing and manufacturing custom built/tailor made slip house system with fully auto PLC Controlled System & Material Handling System from Raw Materials Batch Weighing & tran sferring to Ball Mill / Blungers and its equipment’s like Belt conveyor, Skip Hoist, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Box Feeder & Pneumatic Conveying System.

Ball Mill Charging System


Material Handling System from Raw Materials Batch Weighing & transferring to Ball Mill.

Box Feeder with load cell based digital weighment system.

Ball Mill Charging system with Auto PLC based Batch Weighing System.

Ball Mill

Capacity: 2’ X 2’ to 10’ X 15’ (100 liter to 36000 liter capacity) for glaze body/slip preparation with Auto Timer Controlled System along with revolution counter with the option of A.C. Variable Drive System.

High Speed Blunger

Capacity: 100 Kg. – 5-tons/batch capacity Special design Blades High performance Drive unit.

Medium Speed Blunger

Capacity: 100 Kg. – 5-tons / batch capacity Special design Blades High performance Drive unit.

Storage Tank with Agitator

Capacity: 1 Ton – 20 tons/batch Special design Blades High performance Drive unit.

(B) Filter Press –Cake Preparation and De-airing Extrusion / Puging Division::

Filter Press and Cake Transfer System

Cake Transport & Conveying System, comprises loading & ageing Mobile trolley, with flexi type Polymer cover design cake Transport system

Plate Type Rotary Feeder

with Scrapper Arm & Rotary Feeder Plate System, Capacity 500 Kg / hr to 5 tons / hr With SS 304/316 replaceable type liners.

Vacuum Extruder / De-airing Pug Mill

Capacity: 500 Kg to 5 tons /Hr, with vacuum efficiency 95% (720 mm of Hg) Auger ø 50 mm to 750 mm, with world class updated technology. Pug Transport & Cutting System, with Roller / Flat Belt Conveyor & Pneumatic Cutting Machine.

  • Extruded Pug Handling System, with Loading, Transport & Unloading device, with Storage & Aging arrangement.
  • Hydraulic Manipulator & Hydraulic Mobile Trolley for Pug handling.
  • Vacuum Pump Canopy, for Isolation of Pump noise, as per Noise Pollution & environmental requirement.

(C) Plant Environmental Control & Extruded Pug Conditioning System:

  • Blank conditioner, with electrical heating system & 100% humidity environments, with its transport & handling system.
  • Air Conditioning System, for Pug storage & aging area, shaping area, cutting & grinding area and bushing assembly area.
  • Isolated Clean Room Chamber, with Universe / all seasons climatic control system, which controls, air conditioning, its relative humidity & temp as per designed & desired parameters & its location weather on Plant enviro system comprises Spray Type Air Washer OR CEL-DECK type Humidifier, with Heating OR Adiabatic Cooling arrangement, Filtration by Panel Static Filters.

(D) Shaping & finishing section:

Extruded Blank Turning and Shaping Machine: CNC Based Turing and Boring machine from ø 250mm to ø 750mm and Blank Height from 1500mm to 4000mm.

  • Shaping Machine, with CNC control & Hydraulic Operator’s Lift.
  • Hydraulic Pug Lifting Table, with remote control drive.
  • Green Insulator Handling System comprises Jip crane, with Telescopic Hydraulic Clamps, Hydraulic Manipulator.
  • Scrape Collection & Handling System, comprises Shaping Machine, Collective Chute, Divergent Hopper and Belt Conveyor System. To transport max. 80-90% scraps from shaping area & for avoiding any contamination of scrape & increasing the value addition by using the same in blended slip.
  • Scrape Continuous Type Blunging & Transfer System, comprises 100% contamination proof Scrape Transport & Box Feeding System, High Speed Blunger, Buffer Storage Tank, Auto Sp. Gravity control system, Continuous type scrape slip pumping system, Automatic online metallic sensors & metal detection system.

(E) Chamber Drying & Tunnel Dryer System:

  • Chamber Dryers for Insulators, with the hot air circulation & Moisturized air exhaust arrangement. Modular type chamber, with structural supports, insulated Colour coated / GI Cladded wall heating arrangement by gas burner or using WHR heat, Air tight Doors for entrance & exit purpose. The drying cycle will be designed on PID Controller, with efficient Drying.
  • Tunnel Dryers are designed, to dry the insulator on continuous batch; using high hot air circulation system will be energy efficient working with programmable control.

(F) Glaze Preparation & Glazing section:

  • Glaze Ball Mill, Glazing Booth, Glaze Spraying System
  • Glaze Stirrer
  • Glaze dipping tank with Glaze Oscillation System

(G) Insulator firing & its handling system:

  • Shuttle Kiln
  • Tunnel Kiln

(H) Insulator Finishing Division:

  • Solid Core Insulator Cutting Machine: Manual and CNC Based with Double end type high sped diamond cutter & fully auto control, Noise proof, Safety Enclosure water leak proof Hydraulic Isolation system, Capacity: ø -100 mm to 350 mm, length Min. 500 x 3000 mm Max.
  • Hollow Insulator Cutting Cum Grinding Machine, with fully Hydraulic & ONC control system.
  • Insulator Chamfering & Finishing devices & Portable Pneumatic operated Grinding Machine.
  • Insulator handling horizontal Scissor Lift / Hy. Manipulator /Jib Crane.

(I) Insulator Assembly Division:

  • Insulator Sanding Table, with Hydraulic Manipulator.
  • Granual spraying nozzles & its spray guns.
  • Solid core Insulator Bushing, Fitting & Assembly Jigs & Fixture, with very accurate vertical alignment & Parralison parameters.
  • Hollow Core bushing, fitting Assembly, with Centering Jigs assembly.
  • Hollow Core CI bushing, grinding machine, with accurate both ends Parrallison, with using vertical head grinding attachments.
  • Hollow core grinding cum lapping machine to maintain accurate clearance between bushing & core surface by diamond impregnated grinding wheel.

(J) Insulators washing, drying & shrink wrapping system most useful system for Pre-packing stage.

(K) Inspection and Quality Checking-Equipments:

  • Insulator’s Mechanical –Load Testing-Cantilever Bend Testing Machine, Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
  • Load Capacity: 1KN to 500KN.
  • Insulator Dia: 150 mm to 550mm.
  • Insulator Length: 1000mm to 10,000mm.
  • Insulator type: Porcelain & Composite.